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Company Rehearsal Schedule

Current Production

The schedule below is for Hänsel & Gretel only.

The Wizard of Oz

Tuesday, 5/28

4:00-4:30=Inter. Found Class

4:30-5:00=Winged Monkeys & Kiara + DTtSTL
5:00-6:15=Adv. 2 Class
6:15-6:45=Cari, Karlah, Kiara & Jenna
6:45-8:00=DTtSTL  + Corey

Wednesday, 5/29

5:30-6:45=Adv 2 Class

6:45-7:00=Faith & Annie

7:00-8:15=Emerald City


Friday, 5/31

2:30-4:45=Finalé w/Jibreen, Elise, Baylee, Isabel, Sophia Q., Aranza & Norah

4:00-4:45=Finalé w/ Dorothy, Toto, Miss Tawny, Joe + Above
4:45-7:00=Run-Through w/ Full Company


Saturday, 6/1

1:15-6:30=Dorothy, Toto, Glinda, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Queen of Field Mice & Tornado


2:00-6:30=Remaining Company


4:45-6:30=Porcelain Dolls

Poppies, Bees, Field Mice, Crows, Munchkins & Monkeys please refer to:

Academy Rehearsal Schedule

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