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Pieces / Performances

The Nutcracker (Annually)

No ballet company can launch a season without The Nutcracker. Since first introduced to the United States in 1944 by the San Francisco Ballet Company, The Nutcracker has offered every ballet company the challenge to create its own unique interpretation. The Santa Clarita Ballet Company’s version evolves each year to provide the best holiday entertainment for the community.

(2018, 2007, 2000, 1997)

The first full-length, three-act ballet performed in the Santa Clarita Valley, Coppélia is ballet’s great comedy – a tale of love and mistaken identity. The beautiful musical score by Delibes is considered by many to be the greatest ballet score ever written next to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

Alice in Wonderland 
(2017, 2011, 2008)

Lewis Carroll’s inventive tales of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in two acts. This ballet gave SCBC the opportunity to showcase the talents of its up-and-coming company dancers in leading roles and offer the community a ballet that appeals to children of all ages.

Peter Pan (2016, 2012)

A delightful and entertaining ballet production, with music, costumes, and characters that will bring about a new way to enjoy a story loved by so many. Imagine Wendy dancing along with her darling brothers as they discover a land filled with pirates, Indians, mermaids, and, of course, the Lost Boys.

Second Line (2016)

Second Line, an original work by artistic director Carol Guidry, is inspired by the tradition of New Orleans French Quarter funeral processions. The ballet is accompanied by a live jazz quartet featuring original music.

The Sleeping Beauty (2015)

New sets and sparkling costumes will whisk audiences of all ages back in time for a three-act retelling of a beloved romance. In a world of dashing princes, beautiful princesses, and magical fairies, friendship always trumps evil, and a single kiss can change everything.

Little Mermaid (2015)

A ballet adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen tale about a young prince and a young princess from two different worlds.

Beauty and the Beast 
(2014, 2006, 2001)

A one-act ballet set to an “impressionistic” score compiled from some of France’s most famous composers from the early twentieth century. Vivid characters, dramatic choreography, and sumptuous costumes make this ballet appealing to children and adults alike.

As The Piano Rolls
(2014, 2008, 2001, 1998)

A storyline of charming jazz age vignettes set in a dance hall in the 1920s – four lonely hearts: “The Two Sisters,” “The Show-off” and “The Wallflower” come to listen to the player piano, have a dance, or maybe even meet that special someone. Featuring the infectious music of one of America’s great jazz composers, George Gershwin.

Snow White  (2014, 2010)

Beautifully designed costumes and enchanting sets compliment original choreography by Ms. Pam Sosa who previously choreographed SCBC’s original work for Alice in Wonderland in 2008. Set to prominent compositions from the renowned ballet Faust, audiences of all ages can enjoy the story of Snow White told through the artistry of ballet.

Swan Lake - Act ll (2013)

Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky who composed some of the most popular and recognizable music in the classical ballet repertoire (The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty) was commissioned to score a ballet based on Russian folk tales. Swan Lake Act II is based on the choreography of Lev Ivanov, first staged in 1894 as a memorial tribute to Tchaikovsky who died in 1893.

A Midsummer Night's Dream 
(2013, 2006, 2004)

SCBC presented its first fully professional production. A leap forward for the company, SCBC was able to achieve higher-quality production values for sets, costumes, and guest artists than with previous productions. Midsummer received great reviews in local and area-wide press, and perhaps more importantly, enthusiastic audience response.

Far, Far Away  (2013)

A ballet in three acts based on the beloved tales of Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel.

Roundabout  (2012)

Society and culture teach adolescent girls to present a beautiful, virtuous face to the world and push away those qualities and feelings that do not fit our idealized image of them. No more so than in the ballet world. Roundabout explores the fatigue of always looking pretty in an exhausting Bach sonata, the consequences of independence in a peer-pressured tango, and a teddy-bear-burnout lullaby.

Bone Rhythms (2011)

A collaboration between Los Angeles-based, creative soul music ensemble "Build An Ark" and the Santa Clarita Ballet Company. Inspiration for the choreography comes from the work of movement education pioneer Eric Franklin who coined the term "bone-rhythms" to describe the spiral "dance" of the bones inside the body when we move. Other influences include the balletic vocabulary that has infused street dancing, creating a back-and-forth, criss-cross pollination between the two dance forms. Performed to live accompaniment at The Wild Beast on the campus of Cal Arts.

Cinderella (2022, 2010, 2002, 1999)

The Santa Clarita Ballet Company sets the beloved fairy tale to dance as Cinderella’s slipper becomes a pointe shoe and the Prince’s ball is a dream of waltzing motion. Featuring Sergei Prokofiev’s haunting melodies and the story known to every child.

G Song / B Side (2009, 2008)

A thought-provoking and unconventional foray into the form of dance theater, this collaboration between Artistic Director Carol Guidry and the performers grew out of several improvisational exercises and gave Santa Clarita audiences a chance to see another side of this versatile and multi-talented dance company.

Dvorak's Serenade (2009, 1998)

An impressionist, neo-classical piece that references the Slavic folk dances that inspired Dvorak's Serenade for String Orchestra in E Major Op.22. It recalls the Sylphs dancing in the moonlight from the Romantic ballets of the mid-19th century.

The Tales of Beatrix Potter
(2009, 2004, 1998)

Beatrix Potter’s charming tales of the animals inhabiting the English countryside are lovingly portrayed in this ballet. The misadventures of Peter Rabbit, Jeremy Fisher, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and their friends all come to life with fabulous costumes and choreography that make our animal friends and their foibles seem all too human.

Kingdom of the Shades, La Bayadere (2008)

None of the great ballets can be staged without a strong corps de ballet, and SCBC demonstrated that it had achieved a new level of accomplishment when it was able to present 24 dancers clad in white tutus in this authentic staging of one of the most famous scenes in the classical ballet canon.

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