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RAD Training

Royal Academy of Dance

Santa Clarita Ballet Academy is proud to be a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) studio and the only studio in Santa Clarita offering RAD instruction to students aged three to adult. We strongly believe that to do something well, you must have the best training possible, and the Royal Academy of Dance is the gold standard in ballet instruction.

The RAD is a London-based educational organization founded in 1920 to develop standards of excellence in ballet instruction. RAD instruction is based on an educational dance syllabus that prescribes physical, emotional, and social dance goals for each age, so skills are learned sequentially with an emphasis on developing the muscle memory and personal confidence necessary for mastery before attempting greater challenges.

For students to acquire the skills necessary to accurately and safely execute movements of increasing complexity requires instruction from teachers who have completed rigorous dance education instruction and proven those skills by passing RAD teacher examinations. Santa Clarita Ballet Academy has curated a staff of teachers with RAD certification qualifying them to provide instruction through the highest student level of the RAD, Advanced 2. Because our teaching staff is so rigorously trained, they are uniquely qualified to provide continuous instruction to students ranging from age three to adult.

As part of our commitment to the RAD, Santa Clarita Ballet Academy students participate in annual RAD exams. These exams are proctored by a visiting RAD examiner and accompanied by a live pianist. Due to the expertise of instruction at our Academy, our students perform well on their exams, with many achieving Distinction- the highest level of achievement- confirming our students are prepared to successfully and confidently tackle the physical and mental challenges of the next level of instruction.

The RAD remains a predominant presence in the international dance community.


The RAD sets the standard for ballet excellence by sponsoring the annual Genée International Dance Competition. The Genée is reserved for the finest dancers in the world and is limited to only 100 competitors. The Genée is an experience so powerful in the ballet community it can open international professional ballet doors regardless of whether you leave with a medal. The Santa Clarita Ballet Academy is proud to have sent two alumnae from our studio to the Genée; Anatalia Hordov, in 2015, and Alexandria Finley, in 2016.


To learn more about the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the importance of certified ballet instruction visit

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